Reproductive Services

Breeders from around the country rely on Sondel Family Veterinary Clinic for advanced canine reproductive services, and our well-equipped facilities allow our experienced staff to assist with the process from insemination through new puppy care. Here are some of the specialized services we routinely provide:

  • Orthopedic evaluations, performed without anesthesia
  • Breeding soundness evaluations
  • Computerized semen analysis to determine viability and maximize outcomes
  • Cryopreservation of semen for safe storage and shipping
  • National or international shipping of semen
  • Progesterone assays to diagnose issues and optimize timing of insemination
  • Vaginal, trans-cervical and surgical inseminations
  • Pregnancy confirmation by ultrasound and litter size estimations via radiograph
  • ER availability for immediate concerns
  • Neonatal care to assure new litters get off to a healthy start

Sondel Family Veterinary Clinic is a certified member of the Society for Theriogenology, an organization of veterinarians dedicated to excellence in animal reproductive medicine.

From the Nursery

Introducing our puppy stars! These cuddly bundles get a healthy start with our warm and oxygenated incubator and a first meal from mom. Each individual pup has a great beginning under our staff’s care.

Puppy’s First Appointment

The excitement of a new puppy is intoxicating, and we are just as thrilled as you are at your puppy’s first visit.

Part of what we hope to accomplish at your puppy’s first visit is just getting acquainted. Learning what is normal for your dog, both physically and emotionally, will help us provide better care and diagnostics should an illness or injury arise. You’ll also notice we take the time to develop a friendship with your puppy with plenty of cuddles and treats.

Here are the steps of the puppy’s first physical exam:

  • Weigh your puppy
  • Listen to heart and lungs with a stethoscope
  • Examine eyes, ears, nose, feet, and genitalia
  • Examine skin and coat
  • Perform a dental exam
  • Palpate abdomen and lymph nodes
  • Check a stool sample for the presence of worms (bring a sample)

Our doctors allow time to answer your questions and discuss feeding, vaccinations, medical issues, training, and future care, such as microchipping, spaying or neutering. Not all clients’ considerations are the same and Dr. Sondel will work with you to tailor a preventative plan to your needs.

If you are going home with medications or treatments, we make sure you understand the treatment plan, and of course we set up a schedule for follow-up visits and vaccinations to keep your puppy healthy.

Finally we’ll tell you how to reach us after our normal clinic hours, because we know how reassuring it is to know you can get advice and care promptly.

Contact us to schedule your puppy’s first appointment. Please remember to bring any paperwork, such as medical records from the breeder or rescue, so we can include these in your dog's file, or better yet, send them to us via our website!

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