As we adapt to the changes in our routine and community due to COVID-19, we wanted to update you with how things have changed at Sondel Family Veterinary Clinic. As challenging as it is, we are doing our best to lead. We are faced with making very difficult decisions, but feel we need to do what is right not only for our staff, clients, and patients, but also for the greater good of our community and the world. This will continue to take a village and your assistance is especially critical to keeping the clinic open and functioning. As difficult as this decision was to make, we have decided to change our current COVID-19 policies to the following:

  1. We will be eliminating all non-essential appointments and procedures (including spays, neuters, and dentals). If you aren't sure whether your appointment is essential, please call us at the clinic, and we will advise you as to whether this can wait. As of right now, rabies vaccinations and puppy vaccinations are still considered essential. We will no longer be offering progesterones, OFAs, or performing breedings. If you have a dog that has already been bred, we will still offer pre-natal care and c-sections as needed.

  2. If your pet has a known or new condition that has gotten worse, we will utilize telemedicine as much as possible to prescribe medications and/or alter dosages of current medications.

  3. Clients will not be allowed in the hospital.

  4. Please call us at 608-497-1392 when you get to our building so we can facilitate direction.

  5. We ask that all patients who frequent daycare, refrain from doing so at this time. Although COVID-19 is not transmissible to dogs (as far as we know right now), they can act as a means of transmission from person to person. For example, if your dog goes to daycare, socializes with a dog who belongs to a family who has COVID-19, your dog can have the virus live on them for ~ 3 days. You could then pick up your dog from daycare and bring the virus into your home. It is best to err on the side of caution at this time. Take your dog for a long walk instead. If you MUST go to daycare or a boarding facility, we recommend bathing your dog and then yourself immediately after picking them up.

Please be aware that regular exam and consultation fees will apply to all telemedicine appointments. These services utilize clinic staff, facilities, and our doctors’ education, experience, and expertise. We will be scheduling telemedicine appointments at designated times as though it were an in-person appointment.

When you call the clinic, please be ready to provide our reception staff with as much information as possible so they know how to help you best.

Furthermore, we are asking that anyone who is “at risk for illness” tell us in advance. Although, you will not be allowed into the clinic, we still need to know this information while handling your dog or cat.

An “at risk” person fits the following criteria:

  1. Someone who is feeling ill (even if you think it’s just a cold or allergies)

  2. Someone who has had any contact with a person who has been sick in the past two weeks

  3. Someone who has had any contact in the last 2 weeks with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19

  4. Someone who has traveled by air in the last 2 weeks

We want to stress that meeting this criteria does NOT mean we will not see your pet. We will make sure that your pet is taken care of, but we need to know this information so that we can do that as safely as possible. If our doctors become ill, our ability to provide healthcare for our patients will be severely limited. We have four staff members who are immunocompromised, and we need to strive to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Staff have continued to be instructed to stay home if they are feeling ill.

Doctors and technicians will continue to alternate days to help keep our doors open in case someone does get sick.

As mentioned in our previous post, we have ordered extra supplies to keep the clinic stocked in the event of supply shortages and delivery delays in the coming weeks. Please call the clinic at least 10 days in advance if you need a refill of a medication or prescription food so that we can make sure we have it in stock. If you would prefer to have medications shipped to you at this time, we will waive all shipping fees. If you need medication more immediately or would prefer to pick it up, we will have a medication bin located outside the clinic. All of the medication will be placed in an envelope with the patient's name on it. Once the medication is filled by our staff, someone will call you for payment so that it is ready to be picked up, and you do not need to enter the building to pay for meds.

Based on what we have seen happen in other countries, we do expect the number of ill people in our community to increase. Hopefully, measures taken by Governor Evers will help slow down the spread of the illness so that our human medical services do not become overwhelmed. “Flattening the Curve” is important, and it is the basis for our plan to handle this pandemic.

Thank you for your help! We will get through this crisis if we work together! Please stay safe and check in on your at risk friends and relatives.

All the staff at Sondel Family Veterinary Clinic