Wellness Checkup

Your pet’s annual wellness and diagnostic check can help us detect small problems early and prevent others. We know dogs and cats often hide illnesses too well for their own good, so an annual preventative exam is important. We’ll also make sure vaccinations and heartworm tests are up-to-date, and do a dental check. Senior dogs and cats need special care and we’ll make sure to follow them closely. Contact us for your pet’s next appointment.

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Our hospitals provide a full range of medical diagnostics and treatments for times when your pet is seriously ill, and for others when your pet is just a little off. We urge you to watch for signs of poor appetite, sluggishness, or stiffness, and contact us with any concerns.

Surgical General

All of our doctors provide the full range of general surgical procedures for your small animal, including spaying, neutering, and soft tissue surgery. Common surgical issues include ingested foreign objects causing obstructions, masses or lumps, and orthopedic repairs. You can contact us with any questions or concerns.


Routine dental cleanings and exams are part of a healthy lifestyle for your pet. This becomes especially important for senior dogs and cats. It’s best to schedule yearly cleanings along with your pet’s annual exam.


Each of our locations has an on-site pharmacy that provides economical and convenient access to quality medicines for dogs and cats. You’ll save on preventative medications for heartworms and fleas because our prices are lower than the online pharmacies.

Pet Food

The foods you feed your pets can make a difference in their energy levels and their overall health. We offer foods by Royal Canin, Hills/Science Diet and ProPlan that are priced competitively.

Orthopedic Evaluations

Breeders throughout the Midwest rely on Sondel Family Veterinary Clinic for our ability to obtain high-quality orthopedic radiographs without anesthesia. The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals evaluates the radiographs we produce to assure joint soundness for both training and breeding purposes. This is appropriate for dogs of all breeds and sizes, and especially advisable for breeds such as Labradors. Contact us for more information.

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